Submit a New Bitcoin ATM Location

Add New ATM Location
Enter the location of the ATM, e.g. 7/11 Convenience Store
Enter the address of the ATM, e.g. 15 John St, Sydney NSW
Enter coordinates manually
Required. Add in any extra details about the location, e.g. Parking available out the front, ATM is located at the back of the store
Enter the opening hours of the store or ATM. Select the time zone that store or ATM is in, e.g. Australia/Sydney
Enter the name of the operator of the ATM, e.g. SydneyCoins
Enter the phone number for ATM support
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Enter the ATM fees, e.g. 5% buy fee from
Enter the brand of the ATM, e.g. Genesis Coin
Enter the type of ATM, e.g. Buy Only, Buy and Sell
Enter any limits on the ATM, e.g. $10,000 limit per day
Enter the coins that the ATM supports, e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash