Frequently Asked Questions

There are several different brands of ATMs, and although they are all quite similar is design there may be some functions that are different. Full a full tutorial, it is recommended you read our guide on how to use a bitcoin ATM here

Yes, you can sell your Bitcoins for cash at some ATMs, although not all ATMs offer this functionality. Please check the individual ATM listings on whether it is a buy & sell, or buy only machine.

Yes, as opposed to using an online exchange, Bitcoin ATMs have a physical location and will almost always have a support number you can call should you have any issues. When purchasing your bitcoin, you should always use caution as you would with any other type of ATM and not allow people to see you will large amounts of cash. 

Currently machines only accept cash deposits. This is to protect the ATM operators from being exposed to credit card fraud and people using stolen credit cards.

If you find a machine that is not working or isn’t in the location that is listed anymore, please click on Update ATM button on the ATMs page. Alternatively, write to us on the Contact Us page. 

If you know of new ATM location and we don’t have it on our site, please consider adding it on our Submit page, and we will add it as soon as possible. 

Yes, the fees are to help keep the ATM operational. Generally different ATM operators will set different fees from each other. Where possible, we will list the fees for each individual ATM. If the fees are not listed, please consider adding them to the ATM by clicking the Update ATM button. This helps us provide a good service and help people find the best rates. 

Currently we are only listing Bitcoin ATMs located in Australia. This may change in the future.

It’s important that you follow safe cryptocurrency practices. Please see this guide on keeping your bitcoin safe.